Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel! Woke to rain this morning, it has rained all day. So much for having the sunrise.

I got out there before sunrise. The tide was high.

The gate is down!

A little road in Mont Saint Michel


A little graveyard.

This is a medieval elevator.

Looking down from the top of the elevator.

The engine that runs the elevator.

It was a dark and stormy day… <ominous music>

Joan of Arc.

The stained glass within the little chapel of Saint Michel.

Saint Michel.

A saint in the little cappella.

The Abby opened.

Looking out from the ramparts. A little island in the distance.

Looking down from the rampart to below.

Inside the abby.

It is beautiful inside. Though the stain glassed is not very colorful.

In one of the alcoves this was hanging up.

Adam and Eve being evicted from the garden.

The patterns in the glass are very beautiful.

Door within the Abby.

The stonework within the abby is stunning!

Beautiful stonework.

One of two fireplaces in one of the halls. It is huge. At least six feet high, I could walk into it.

The halls within are beautiful.

Another view of the medieval elevator.

A couple of buildings outside Mont Saint Michel

I should have bought a bottle! Its was cool looking.

Nice spotted pattern.

Driving along the coast. Low tide now.

Deja vu! I had the joy of changing a tire. It was almost flat, made it to a spot near a dealership, as I was putting the spare on, a guy asked if it needed to be fixed. I said yes. A whole conversation in French… hahaha… It cost me 18 Euros and took about 20 minutes. I am on the road again!

I made it to a foundry that makes bells. But they do not open for 3 more days… grrr… It is the only bell foundry left in France. I am going to have to come back to France in the summer while the weather is better and more of these places open.

Yvers Chocolates in Granville.

While touring the abby at Mont Saint Michel. This little group was taking photos, I helped take some group photos for them. At the end of the tour, they took my photo for helping them. 🙂

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