Utah & Omaha

Major Richard Winter, Band of Brothers.

Mobile Germans

amphibious vehicle

That is a lot of missions.

Landing Craft, Higginsboat.

Utah breach, tide is high.

Coastal bunker

These are markers all over the area.

German observation point. This bunker was the first to report ships and landing crafts. This bunker held out for six+ days. The captain then escaped.

They guy giving the tour showed me all of this stuff, its for sale.. I would have like a couple of little things, but getting them home… nigh impossible.

Original Moser! it is nice.

Tile floors in the bunker! It’s good to be the Capitan.

This outpost was the first to call in reports.

The range of this gun battery.

On top of the bunker.

Another bunker.

Omaha beach.

wide open area. Low tides

That is a long ways to get into some cover.

Point du Hoc, It is covered in holes from the battle.

bunker gun emplacement.


Utah and Omaha are beautiful beaches.

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