Céaux, Normandie

I left Brest this morning, it was overcast and a light rain. I took the country roads and drove a scenic route, along the coast as much as possible.

I found a little town on the GPS and drove there. I drove to the little town and turned onto a little road and seen this place! Now, why was I excited? Kouign Amann! It is a pastry in Brittany. Layered butter/flour pastry. It is very rich.

This Kouign Amann is not the one from the picture above, I found this one yesterday while south of Brest. It is huge. I have been nibbling on it this evening while processing photos and writing my blog. It caramelizes some along the bottom of the pastry… yum…

Pain au chocolat : Chocolate bread… it is a pastry with chocolate filling. This one was okay… I have had better.

I found these yesterday morning also, these were very good. Pastry type cookie with filling, Nutella and dulce de leche caramel… very good.

Quiche… Mmmm

Nice cheeses! tasty.

The little shop I visited today had these too. They are very good. Moist, delicate and tasty.

When visiting the lighthouse earlier, I saw this and had to laugh. The urinals are visible from outside where I am.

I love the houses around here.

I love the stonework… Wonder what the R value of stone is?

After visiting the little shop this morning, I visited the little church. This is across the street from the church.

Stained glass at the church.

The church tower. I like the gothic style.


The gargoyle on the church. I like it!

I need one for my house. I am going to have to learn stone cutting.

The apostles at the church entrance.

The other six apostles.

These were placed around the church.

The little organ in the church.

I like the door.

The little graveyard in the church yard.

A little window in the church.

The glass from the inside.

This is why one has to be inside to see the glass! It is beautiful!

This is the little church I visited.

As I drove along the coast, I stopped here. It was a nice view of the surrounding area.

The Britany coast.

The clouds broke as I got to the coast. I seen a rainbow. Tide basin and a village in the far distance. Nice.

A large country home.

Little roadside cross with saints. This one was different from the others I have seen.

Looking out from the overlook.

As I drove along the coast, I am amazed at how high the tides will rise.

I would think 10 feet rise in ocean tides?

I found Saint Michel!

Every time I see a car wash I laugh. Lavage…

The little graveyard in the church yard.

2 thoughts on “Céaux, Normandie

  1. Is st. Michel the patron st. Of all Michael’s? An why do you get one? Lol love the yin yang window, can’t wait to see all your pics, looks like you’re having a good time, luv ya an have a chocolate an know I’m jeli


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