Last day on the Nile

I am going to miss this! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this trip up the Nile. I have been able to see ancient historical sites, walked in some of the villages that are along the Nile and to appreciate the people with whom I have come in contact with.

I arose before the sunrise to find the day with a haze. No sun, but still the view and stillness was very nice.

At night we are moored to the beach, here are some boats behind ours.

Looking up the Nile towards Aswan. Which is where I am now, moored for the evening and leave in the morning.

Our sister ship as it was passing by.

As I was heading below deck, this little guy sat on the mooring line.

We stopped at one of the ancient sites and had our guide explain things. This guy was a general who after the Pharaoh died, claimed he was of divine birth to become pharaoh. This photo shows two bodies there, but it is one physical and his soul, showing his divineness.

This is a type of shorthand they used instead of the hieroglyphics. Next to it is the scribe and Rameses III if I remember.

Visited some tombs along the Nile that are just a little ways from the shore. Here is the ceiling in one with the original colors. I like the design.

Looking out of the tomb towards the Nile.

We climbed down towards this one but backed around to below of where I am standing to take this photo. The opening on the right has a sarcophagus in it.

Another view from the tomb we climbed down into. A small boat passing by.

We visited the two on the left. Not able to get into the other ones.

One of the crew of our boat.

Dominos! There are four playing, the game is quick and at the end some yelling or arguing when things don’t go right for one of them.

The game is quick. They seem to keep score.

Games later they continue.

A ferry arrived while we were visiting the village. It was packed!

During one of our stops, the crews of both boats played each other. Our boat won 5:2 Yeah!!!

Dinner last night. Falafel in the middle. At the top beans, a pink sauce which was very good. salad, tahini, eggplant and green peppers and fries. The falafel was fantastic, fresh and hot!

One cylinder pumps that are used. Puffs of black smoke and they just chug along getting water up to the crops, orchards and such.

So if you want a very unique experience, I recommend going on this cruise. One of the guys onboard is a bird watcher and he has been identifying so many birds from his books. He has had a great time. As for the rest of us, we have all enjoyed our time visiting the ancient sites, and the excursions into the villages and such. The time on the boats themselves has been fantastic. I am definitely going to have to save up my money again and come float the Nile again!!! The cruise is Nour El Nil It has been truly fantastic! We have seen other cruise ships speed by, we float with the wind, or our tug pulls us when no wind. It is leasure and relaxing.

2 thoughts on “Last day on the Nile

    1. Hahaha. This cruise is quite fun. Sailing part of the day, visit some historical sites such as temples, then little walks into parts of the villages and such to see the everyday life of the Egyptian people. It is such a nice combination of stuff. I have also eaten more on this cruise than usual, as breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared each day. The food has been amazingly good.


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