Was out early and noted some tracks in the sand. Not sure what it is, but it moves a lot.

Looking out on the Nile.

The boat I am on. I was out walking prior to everyone else.

They are making charcoal. I guess this is where they hang out.

Looking into an old hut.

One-lung pump.

They brought me a small goat, black with some white strips. It was Cute!

Mud brick

On this little island, on the right Mango trees, in season in Dec. On the left, those are lemon trees.

Lemon tree

slaughter house. Put the cow in-between then

Pump station.

row, row, roe

our little sail boat being passed by.

Walking between the trees

A little girl from the village.

I had my wide angle lens on, but this little desert fox wanted to be taken care of.

Where they bring their dead animals. It is very rural

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