Crocodile temple

I am doing a little house keeping on my last day aboard. Today started with visiting the crocodile temple and seeing a museum afterward. No photos inside the museum.

They are working on the temple out front.

Left hall

The top of the building is lined with cobras!

The color still visible after all this time. It is amazing to see.

The gods and pharaoh of this temple.

This temples’ hypostyle hall.

Looking down the well of the crocodile temple. It is now plugged from the Nile so it is not full. The stairs go to a side well for cleansing of the priests.

The group I am with from the boat. This might be the closest to a selfie I get. hahaha

A cartouche of Cleopatra III if I remember right.

All the medical instruments one needs to practice medicine in ancient Egypt. As they listed them all and showed them, they had pretty much everything they needed.

On the left is Enrique, one of the partners of the ships, in the middle is Yodit and on the right is Tushar, two of the passengers on the trip. They tossed on some bright clothing and took some pictures.

Little village on the West side of the Nile. Lots of little boats.

We stopped on a beach along the way and we were able to walk around some. This little boat with its net was just sitting there.

Our ship is visible, this is our sister ship. They docked first so the pups waited on getting some food. They were all a bit skinny, but very well behaved dogs.

Me walking back towards my boat. They just sun themselves and wait for any scraps. The crew is onboard having lunch. The dogs made out well after the crew finished their lunch.

Little fishing boat, the one working on the nets, the other getting them out to where they want to be.

Back under sail, one of the crew in control of the rudder. Nice gentle breeze we sailed most of the day.

Well, I am now in Aswan in my new little place to stay. I miss the boat, it was a fantastic experience and I will have to plan another trip!

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