Well the internet is still a little slow, so I am trying to upload a picture or two.

Today, I visited a variety of spots using Airbnb experience for my guide. Turns out I had my own private driver and guide for the whole day! Started the day with visiting Saqqara, home of the stepped pyramid, the built 2667 BC. It was cool, but could not go inside it. Visited some others and were able to go inside. It was quite fascinating to see them. Imhotep museum was cool too. Visited multiple pyramids and tombs in the area. Then drove to Memphis and seen Ramses statue and stuff. Also, stopped by a carpet making school and saw how they make different types of rugs. It was impressive to see how much work goes into making hand made rugs. Some with Egyptian cotton, others with silk. To make a square meter of silk takes four and a half months, they work usually 3 to 5 hours a day. Cotton takes 3 months to get a square meter. Needless to say, they were very pricy!

Also on the way to Giza stopped at a papyrus paper maker and seen how they make it. Also, they took me to a place where they make the oils for perfumes and fragrances. I got dabbed with multiple smells, some good, some not so good. I think I smelled like a French brothel after that experience… hahaha.

I had some hibiscus tea that was cold. Asked how they make it, they put the hibiscus in cold water and let it set for 12 plus hours. It was fantastic! Then to Giza. Walked the steps up the great pyramid and into the center to see the burial chamber. No photos allowed. It was steep going up inside and it was quite hot and humid within the pyramid. Also had to be bent over most of the trip. It was cool, but glad to be out in the open air afterwards.

I will try to get more photos posted next time, after I get to Luxor… I also rode a camel out a ways from the pyramids to get a wide view of all of them. (you will have to wait until I get faster internet!).

I fly to Luxor in the morning, so I hope to have better internet. Until then.

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