Citadel in Cairo

I am now in Luxor but have a better internet connection, so I have been able to upload some of the photos. So without further ado, Cairo!

This is the citadel, a very old mosque that is huge! It is open to the public, so I spent about an hour walking around the two mosques here.

This is the other mosque, it was quite beautiful inside.

Looking towards the Citadel with the sun behind it.

Inside the other mosque looking up at the ceiling. The woodwork was very beautiful.

One of the towers.

The wall inside the mosque

As I was leaving the gentleman at the door guided me to a spot in the courtyard where this sundial is. It is quite beautiful. As I was leaving I was asked for a donation to preserve the mosque so I gave a couple of pounds.

Now to the Citadel, this is the courtyard within the Citadel. Everyone who enters takes their shoes off, so I hung my boots on my camera bag and walked around taking some photos.

Another view of the courtyard within the Citadel. It is quite beautiful to look at the stonework.

Entering the Citadel itself. It was interesting to see the inside of it. It was a little dark, the pattern of lights above looked like stars in a way.

It was quite dark looking up, so I have changed the exposure of these to show you the beauty of the ceiling within the Citadel. I was amazed at the difference between what I saw and these.

Another part of the ceiling of the Citadel.

A little different view of the ceiling.

In the one corner of the Citadel is this. I do not know what it is, but it had a little barrier around it, so no access. It’s quite intricate in its design.

The Citadel sits on a hill, so the view of the surrounding area is quite nice. This is Cairo.

Another view of the Citadel.

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