So my internet is a bit slow “is that a 300baud modem I hear?” Needless to say, this post will be without pictures until tomorrow when I feel like waiting.

I left Athens at 04:30 this morning to the airport so I could be early for my flight as two hours at times is almost not enough time. This time it was and I relaxed some until the flight. Aegean Air, it was good.

Egypt. I arrived, got to where I could buy my visa then to passport control, then customs. The place I am staying sent me a driver to pick me up since I would be lost otherwise. Cairo is HUGE! 19.5 million! Things I have noticed or learned… well lets get started.

Driving. They make the Mormon 500 look like child play. There are millions of cars, I have only seen a couple of working street lights, a handful of cops directing traffic, other than that, you are on your own. It is chaotic, with the chirping of horns or their blares when they want your attention. The lanes are where you are. They ignore street markings. They weave into and out of traffic with only inches between cars. And that was not rush hour. Rush hour is worse. Oh, and night driving lights optional. Of course, you share the roads with donkey or horse carts. Goats along the side of the road.

City, it is 19.5 million living in a space too small! There are high-rises that are less than 50% done… Its a tax break, if your building is less than 50% occupied, then you get taxed 5%. If over 50% the tax base is like 24%? Trash piles along the roads, children playing in the small streets. I do not think I could ever live in a city this big. Oh and the exhaust fumes are making my throat hurt, smog smog.

In addition to this, it costs about 500 Egyptian Pounds. or about 60 bucks and poof your a driver.

Well I will try to add more tomorrow.

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