Christmas in Bethlehem

Merry Christmas!

Sunrise this morning while I walked to the bus stop. Jerusalem. I think all of the buildings are made out of stone. All are light colored. Today it hit 70 degrees I think. I was dying after coming from Germany and 30’s.

Damascus Gate at sunrise. I walked through it and down the street away, it is a little street with shops.

Church of the Nativity. Suppose to be where Christ was born. The entrance is small.

Inside the church, to the right of all the people are is another line of people that leads to the spot where Christ was born.

I seen an Angel on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day…

Some of the mosaics that have been restored from when the crusades were going on.

The silver in these shines. Wish it wasn’t behind glass, get reflection…

Taking pictures within the Church.

So many hanging from from the ceiling.

With changing the size and resolution of the pictures here so they are small, I lose a lot of detail. I think this one will make a great print when I get home.

Here is some wood working. It was cool to look at.

Ceiling beam that is carved.

Little dome above a table holding some stuff.

Hey Daniel, how long would it take you to do this by hand?

It was cool to see but sad also, as people write their names or draw on the pillars…

This is the Place! Where have I heard that before? Sorry for the image, it was the best under the circumstances. It was amazing to see how people act in a church, on Christmas of all days. When you enter the Church, to the right is the entrance towards this spot. I got in line and slowly moved forward. Had a group of people that just cut in, when people called them on it, they just said they were part of a group. Others just pushed slowly forwards. At the entrance to the basement, there are steps and while waiting, there were people arguing and exchanging words, once to the steps down one guy was swearing at another. It really made the Christmas spirits come out! By the time I got out, the line had almost tripled in size.

Listened to a little church service.

Outside in the courtyard.

Around the corner is another church, this one is the Chapel of the Milk Grotto.

After leaving Bethlehem and returning to Jerusalem, I returned to the Damascus Wall. About 5 minute walk took me here.

No photos are allowed within. It is a small chamber with a fence that splits it into two.

Well after seeing where Christ was supposed to be born, and here where He raised from the dead, born again… Christmas in two spots. I was not sure what to expect, or what feelings I was to have? Though interesting as it is, it does not matter. What matters is that one believes no matter where one is. Christmas is everywhere, not just here in Bethlehem or Jerusalem.

Merry Christmas all.

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