It has been a day. I flew to Tel Aviv this morning/afternoon. It was quite interesting. I took ElAl (Israel Airlines) as I had heard they had quite the security. They do… Check-in, lots of questions, baggage checked (again, have to pay for my checked baggage… ), to screening, more questions, then to security, more questions, private room while I wait for them to search my luggage, both carry on and checked. The flight itself was meh… They are not Lufthansa. I think it was a bagel with chicken for the in-flight snack… The airport in Tel Aviv is nice, but get to passport control, it was so very busy! waited for forever, more questions. Then to find my rental car. They gave me an upgrade! Fiat 500 automatic… blah… And talk about expensive for two weeks! I think I might need a gofundme site! hahaha. As for driving, Israel drivers are some of the worst ever! and rude… horns hocking all the time, they swerve into/out of traffic. I am hoping once I get out of Jerusalem-Tel Aviv area they are nicer? GPS could not find the address, thanks Garmin… but hey the iPhone with Waze did! Though it uses data which with Verzon is very expensive… grrrr.

Well I am settled into my room, its Christmas Eve and I am hoping to get to Bethlehem in the morning. Sorry no photos as its dark out by the time I got to where I am. Though going from raining cold munich to palm trees was nice. Winter coat is now packed for a few weeks until I get back to Europe.

Internet here is spotty too… It keeps kicking me off… grrrr

4 thoughts on “Jerusalem

  1. Merry Christmas from home! Good luck on getting to Bethlehem, the news said it was crowded and security was high.


    1. Rode bus to Damascus Gate, from there found the bus I needed to Bethlehem. Traffic is horrible, but it was nice to sit and enjoy the view. It took me to Bethlehem and I walked from there. Though I can say that taxi drivers are annoying. They walk with you trying to get business, and I just wanted to walk through the city. Though some were willing to take me all over, I just wanted to walk and enjoy it.
      As for security, Israeli Police wear green and armed with M-16s, Palistinian Police wear black and have AK-47s. Both are helpful when asking them questions. Bus back into Jerusalem was boarded by police and walked through. Other than that, police are everywhere.


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