Nürnberg and Bamberg

Left Dresden early this morning and drove to Bamberg which is fairly close to Nürnberg. Bamberg is a UNESCO heritage city. It was fun just to walk the small streets and see part of it.


So back in 1387, the local Bishop did not want to give any land away to build a city hall, thus diluting his power. So the townsfolk drove pilings into the river and build their town hall in the middle of the river with briges connecting both sides.


I wish the weather was better, grey skies really make it hard to take a good picture…


Wandering the streets of Bamberg

One of the brides to downhill

Walking towards town hall.

Bamberg housing

There is a lot of housing that is now on the river. I am not sure how I would feel about living just above the river… I think it would be cool as your view would be nice, and having the noise of the river there. Though floods would be the downside…

Christmas wreath, Bamberg style.

Schlenkerla Brewery. 1387 was the year its first mentioned. What makes this Brewery special? Well, they serve one of the few smoked beers… Yep, they smoke the malt that is used thus providing it with a smoking flavor. Wish they made a Malz drink (non-alcoholic malt beverage) I would like to try it. It seems that Bamberg drinks an average of 190 L a beer per person per year. Which is well above the average German at 104 L

Nice statue in Nürnberg!

Nürnberg, as I am walking across a bridge, almost to the Christmas market. Again, the grey skies just wreck a great picture.

Christkindmarkt in the town square. They had it all in rows of shops and had some overhang to prevent the weather to get on their goods. Though outside the main square, other shops go up some of the side roads.

Wider view of the market
Candied Pumpkin Seeds

First time I have seen coated pumpkin seeds, so I got a little bag and enjoyed while walking the rows of shops.

Baked goods! On the lefthand side of the photo are fruitcakes, German version, and it looks dense, I think I will try a piece later. Also, lebkuchen in so many varieties! Their baked goods were fantastic to look at, will try one later.

Christmas Potatoes!

As I was wandering the rows of shops, seeing all the sweets, the view of potatoes got me, but they are marzipan potatoes! I think that would be the best tasting potato ever!

More baked goods! So many flavors, to small of a stomach!

Nürnberg had more plum figures, in more variety, and they added figs to them. I think it would be a fun way to present fruit during Christmas.

So you take the U1 U-Bahn two stops, hop onto the U3 line for two more and then you are home! Just make sure it’s going in the right direction!

Lorenzkirche is the stop! It is by Altstadt and the closest to the Christkindelmarkt!

Met = Mead. They make it a lot of flavors. Along with about everything else. I was not sure what Met was the first time I saw it. And of course, you have to have a drinking horn to drink it from! Right, Alex?

So each area in Germany has its own Bratwurst. Dresden is large and spiced differently. Here in Nürnberg, they are smaller and a different flavor. I sat down with four older Germans and had mine. The place is busy and I also wanted out of the rain for a bit, while I ate! I found this place last time I was here in Nürnberg and thought they were the best bratwurst I had had.


I ordered eight bratwursts with weinsauerkraut. The sauerkraut has caraway seeds, bay leaves, and juniper berries. It has been rinsed so it’s not overly sour, but actually hints towards a bit of sweetness. It pairs well with the bratwurst which is not overly spicy, just right. Had it with my mineral water and enjoyed each bite, while listening to the loudness of the tavern. It was great!

Heading back to the market from bratwursts!

Well, it has been a day! Good food, tasty treats, cool things to look at. Just wish it was not grey skies… Couple other places to visit tomorrow near Altstadt…

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