Dresden Markt by Evening

Went back this evening to see it with all the lights. Did a little shopping, but it was much busier in the evening… Too many people, not enough space! But when you think of it, Germany is a little bigger than Utah but has 83 million people…

Entrance to the Markt
Stars, Christmas Tree
What is it?

There is so much to choose from, but I tried this. Grün Green herbs and sausage. It was good, the herbs were very flavorful and the sausage was strong flavored, but went well with the herbs. Followed this with candied macadamia nuts, freshly made… mmm

Chocolate covered marshmallows
So many flavors!

So these are a very soft marshmallow, not like the store bought ones in America, these melt in your mouth and are so very soft. I picked two, a muhlwein flavored and eierliquor. Oh, the muhlwein (spiced wine) flavor was fantasic! I could buy more of those. The eierliqor (eggnog) was also good, but not as good as the muhlwein! mmmm. I can see why they drink that stuff by the gallon! haha

Buddha approved!

On the way home, stopped by a little grocery store and found Müllermilch!!! No trip to Germany is complete unless you have Banana flavored Müllermilk! Discovered these when I was on my mission here so many years ago…

The Markt
The view from the Library!
Goodnight Dresden!

Returned home, enjoyed a Müllermilk or two and a Malz is in the fridge cooling down for later! Night all

4 thoughts on “Dresden Markt by Evening

  1. I am so excited that your parents told me about your blog, I look forward to following your journey and see the world through your eyes


  2. So beautiful. Glad your trip has improved from the first day or so. Keep up the wonderful travel log. I look every day for a new post.
    Thanks and be safe!!!


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