Nürnberg Zwei

Dried Fruit

The weather for a moment looked like it would clear, but it was just kidding. This is all kinds of dried fruit, without sugar. Naturally dried. That is what it says. So many types of fruit.


Can’t have your fruits without your veggies. I did see a kaki (persimmon) but not the ones you find in the States, these are large round with a taper to the one end. Not the flat little things that look like a squash in the US. They are so sweet and juicy, and thus messy to eat. I will look in München to see if I can find one that is ripe. If not they are bitter.

Market square

This was along one of the walls walking towards the market. It shows the layout which has not changed since 1594. It just has a lot of shops on it currently.

If you look at the picture from 1594 you will see this tower/fountain in the one corner of the market. This is looking towards the church. That should give you an idea of the space the market square is.

12 Noon

So at 1200, the clock rings the time, then the trumpets raise a little and make noise, the Drummer does his thing, then the bell ringer next to him. Then at the very top, the little guys above the clock start smacking the bells, this is followed by the door next to the king opening and priests in red robes walk by the king. It was cool to watch.

Ornaments for the tree. If they were not so fragile, made of thin glass, it would be cool to get one, but I do not believe it would survive the post.


My rental car. It does over 100 with a nice downhill =D But feel like I am standing still when others pass by me… Autobahn baby! Fahrvernugen! Its advantage is in town where I can park it in very small spots…


Perhaps Fruitbread should be more like it. It is not like American fruitcake with all of the candied fruit, this just has fruit and nuts in it. It is dense, perhaps it has its own gravity field. It was good.

Nürnberger Lebkuchen

A real Nürnberger Lebkuchen ! it is not a light delicate cookie, this makes you work for it, it is chewy, has substance and is great tasting. Are not all lebkuchen in Nürnberg, real Nürnberger Lebkuchen?

Which one would you pick

There are so many varieties of Lebkuchen, so how does one pick? Plus they had lebkuchen with other flavors as well, such as gluwein, vanilla, etc.

hand painted cookies

These are for your tree, they were cool looking, they also had gingerbread cut to different shapes for your tree.


This was lunch. It is ground pork, spices and other stuff that is slowly cooked. It is very juicy and tasty. Served on a brochen that the outside just snaps and very soft bread inside. Grilled onions and a little mustard and it was good to go.

Well, that is it for today. My introvert anti-social gene is overloaded! haha. So many people, so little space. So I will take a break and head towards München in the morning. Had one of my Airbnb hosts cancel, luckily it is one in February, so I found new accommodations.

Now where is that Müllermilk!

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