I spent three nights in the Lapland of Finland waiting for Northern Lights, the Arora Borealis, Fire in the sky… Nothing… Night one, cold and a little cloudy; night two, snow; night three occasional cloud, but not a single glimmer from the sky… Robbed I say!

I have been carrying this tripod for my camera over four continents, North America, Europe, Asia (Israel), Africa… Robbed I am!!! hahaha.

Finland Airport while I transferred planes. BadElk are chocolates!

While leaving Copenhagen a few days ago, I saw the Lego store at the airport. Who knew that you can get the 007 Aston Martin…

Getting ready for my departure from Ivalo…

Driving out to the cabin the first night.

Anyone want a job for a month or so?

I am not sure who Muumi is, but I have seen her all over Finland…

During take off the monitors show a camera view looking down the runway, then once airborne it switches to a downward view. I could see using that for augmented reality game while flying. I am thinking bomber… they keep the camera on and passengers can drop virtual bombs on things…

Ice skating rink here in Copenhagen, while I was heading to my new place to stay.

Snow day!

Waiting for the snowblower to clean the road. It was very windy and this stretch of road was drifting over.

Visited a Sami museum. Duck decoy

A Sami doorknob

It seems they like their coffee.

A view from my cabin towards the lake.

The woodshed.

The building on the left is the sauna, the one on the right is a kitchen and family room. The hot tub is in front of it.

My little cabin on the left.

A wee bit o snow.

Pano view of my dwellings. I am out on the lake.

Wind power for my light in the cabin, gas stove. Fire place.

Russian boarder is so very close. Murmansk is a bit further.

Another frozen lake

I did not see any…

An abandoned cabin.

Sunset, and the way to my water supply.

Water water everywhere, just ice cold!

Okay, the sauna was great! I really need to build me one! 140 degrees F. Add water, poof steam! After that out to the hot tub and pop the top, and hop in. I relaxed the first night in the tub watching the moon and sky. No northern lights noted! But I can see why they like their saunas and hot tubs. Relaxed!!!

Entrance to the sauna! hahaha

The all important outhouse!

The second owl has attitude, I liked it.

Cold smoked reindeer roast! Sliced… It was Fantastic! mmm. Reindeer, the other red meat!

Evening is coming again.

Well I survived the north of Finland. I really liked it up there and now I have to plan a trip in a different season to see it when it’s all green!

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