Copenhagen Suborbital

As I returned home last night I walked by this again. I was tempted to go skating, but figured if I broke something, being in Denmark would not be good… I still have days left, and lots of places to be. Maybe next time.

Evening last night while I took a small walk. There is a large park that I walked through. It was quite relaxing and quiet.

In the park, I came across this. It reminds me of my days as a kid playing D&D! A nice little level 1 dungeon! hahaha. “the tavern keep tells you about a place outside of the village that seems to be haunted. He asks your help in investigating it.”

Of course, being a level 1 mage (magic user) you get lost and find this place instead of the dungeon. What do you do? Investigate of course…

Another little building in the park, I love the thatched roof!

Looking up over the thatched roof towards the moon.

A statue in the park.

It was too late to go into the Cistern that is located below here. I hear it is quite cool to see, plus they do art displays in it now.

Another view of the Cistern.

They do have some cool looking buildings in Copenhagen. I need to spend a week or so here, just looking around. One of the places I wanted to visit is closed until the end of February, a church with a spiral belltower that you can climb, on the outside… next time.

The street I am staying at. I do like the architecture and such, but I want to be back in the countryside.

Brick designs in the buildings are cool.

Wonder how many times they laid the wrong brick down and had to replace it?

This morning I was out by the shipyards, I came across this and wondered what it was? Urban Ranger Camp? It is the largest indoor rope course. 50 Meter high… a little over 160 feet. The building is huge!

To give you a bit of perspective. To the left is the building for Urban Ranger Camp. To the left of the eclipse on the bottom, you can see a door. I like the painting on the wall!


Now for the Heavy Metal fan, there is Copenhell! It is a 4 day rock concert! So if you are in Copenhagen on June 19-22 2019, go see it! hahaha… I just liked the painting…

Cool looking in a way, plus it has its own little Viking ship!

Copenhagen Suborbitals! yep Rockets in Denmark! They use liquid propellants for their rockets. LOX (liquid oxygen) and Alcohol.

It is unique in that it is all volunteers and all amateurs who do the work. Their goal is to put a person up, to sub-orbit and bring them back.

This is their last one the fired in the Baltic Sea. They launch from a platform they haul out east of Bornholm, Denmark, which is an island in the Baltic.

Nexø rocket.

Theirs has active guidance, the little fins at the bottom of the rocket, infant of the rocket motor.

The little spikes on the rocket are for antenna.

They are using stainless steel for their tanks, they are building their own. This one they pressure tested, then cut it open.

Their next rocket will be much larger! About a meter wide.

They are crowdfunded, and their volunteers come from a wide variety of people. The little thing in the middle with the black top was built by one of their members, it measures the amount lo LOX in the tank.

The rocket has three tanks in it. LOX, Alcohol, and the last is Helium, which is used to pressurize the other two tanks when launching, thus keeping a stable pressure in those tanks.

For deploying their parachute they use the charge from an airbag…

Obi-wan, OB-1: They use this during launches for command. The crash test dummy on top has died multiple times in the launches.

This is Nexø 1: it had a problem and came in ballistic from the launch. It hit the ocean and dove deep. The pressure from the depth is what dented all the metal.

More pressure damage from the water.

Their industrial vacuum chamber. They got it for scrap price! I need something like this! Freeze dry, or doing carbon fiber…

Their next rocket will go away from the little fins behind the rocket motor, to a gimble system, that will provide the guidance. This was made by one of their people for a school thesis for their degree, bachelor’s I think they told me.

Another spot where their crash test dummy died, or was injured.

Part of the remains of another rocket. This was interesting in that it is wrapped in thin sheet cork. They use it as a heat shield.

One of the rocket motors that failed. The design is quite interesting.

Here you can see the cork layers.

I like their version of a drogue chute.

I had a great time looking at their rockets and talking with them.

So I dined out for lunch today. This is apple juice, it has a little bit of a bite to it, not sweet, it was really good! The place is called Manfreds. It was super!

Their specialty is Steak Tartare with cress and rye bread. It was FANTASTIC!!!

This was roasted vegetables and fresh farm cheese. It was very good too! If all veggies tasted this good, I would have no problem having them each meal!

A poached with enoki mushrooms in a broth. Divine!

Lunch was fanatic today! I had a great time seeing some stuff, but as I have been journeying over the past weeks, I have come to realize that next time, I will pop myself in one geographical area. Pick a country and stay within its borders/region. Also, pick a better time for seeing stuff. Though I have enjoyed parts of Europe in winter, a lot of stuff is either closed or very limited hours. I had to bring a lot of stuff for each region, which made packing problematic. Warm weather stuff for Israel, Egypt. Cold gear for Finland, and mid-weather for the rest of Europe. I guess I live and learn… I do not want to spend a lot of time in the cities, but some days in each would be enough if I can get out into the little villages and countryside like I did while traveling France. Next time, stay at least 4 days minimum, that will not let me be stressed about having one-night lodging, then road…

Well, I have a different spot to stay tomorrow (one-night lodging… haha). But its close to where I wnat to be tomorrow.

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