Eats! oh yeah!!!

Today I had two Airbnb experiences. The one this evening was cancelled so instead I will find something else to do.

I arrived early to the meeting location so I had a French hot Chocolat which was so rich… I should have ordered the small. Also with the Kings cake.

I will post photos of the first experience later, I then headed to my second one by Metro and this guy walked on boards and started playing. Pachelbel Canon and another. People gave him a tip then he left to the next subway train.

We did not get stuff at every store, but some like this one it was explained why it is so good. This guy is an award-winning chef. His little shop posts the menu for the coming weeks and he makes only classical French dishes. It looked amazing and I think I will have to get in there to get something!

Name of this little shop.

We visited the oldest still operational market in Paris. It has three sections, the outdoor, indoor and flea market. It was super to see the variety of items.

The garlic on the top is famous. It is supposed to be the most fantastic garlic. At 18.99 euros for a kilo, it had better be!

The first cheese shop, I saw this and laughed. I should have tried to buy one. but then again, when traveling through the airport it might not be the best… hahaha.

France has more than 1850 different cheeses. with over 250 that are protected. I think I am in heaven… mmm cheese!

Old cheeses never die, they go to the museum… these are the cheeses used in cooking and such, they are strong, aromatic and at the cost of 66 Euros for a kilo, they better be!

Our little sample of cheeses, the one on the right is a 2-week old goat cheese with rosemary. It was good. The one on the left is about 8 months old. It has a more developed flavor. Both were great!

It is scallop season! I missed the big festival over the weekend as I did not know about it… waaaaaaa!

Oysters! We had fresh oysters in the half shell with just a squeeze of lemon. It was super! The best ones I have ever had! Oh to have fresh daily seafood.

Never frozen. The shop had no fishy smell that comes from old fish… It was amazing!

I need some butter please! mmmm Mushrooms!

This is the most award-winning butcher in Paris. He supplies the Michelin star restaurants here in town. See some of the awards up top…

Our little sample of stuff from the butcher! It was divine! the top is a pork-based one, then to the right is beef, the bottom is a duck. The pickles are amazing, so I bought a couple of jars… the cured meats at the bottom and left were so very good, the almost melted in your mouth. The salami type meat was also very good. I also bought some of the duck and wild boar pate. Mmmmm

Cheese! Our guide is the lady with the hat and red scarf. She is fantastic! The shop has some great stuff!

The best butter in Paris, award winning. It was fantastic on my baguette.

These are flavored kinds of butter. Get google translate and figure out what the flavors are. I was amazed at how many flavors he has, and all the things it would go great with!

Mmmm! these are soooo good!

Oldest wine shop in Paris. The casts show up and they enjoy! I had pear juice which was very good!

Pear juice is up there.

This is not your usual baguette. It is a charcoal baguette. It is used for digestive problems.

A couple of yogurts I will be trying. The one on the left is goat yogurt!

Some of the best pickles I have had, so I bought the two jars I could see. Glad I got bubble wrap!

cheese! tasty cheese! write that address down… Plan now to visit!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

My little chunk of cheese.

Did someone say truffle? mmmm

Wild boar! It is so very good.

Duck Duck Mine!

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