The Louvre

I need more than a day to see the Louvre, in fact, I will have to come to Paris again so I can see more of it. I spent over three hours walking around parts of it, and that is about all I can take in one session. I think seeing it over three or more days would be fantastic. Now just have to save up my PTO again so I can do it.

As I walked this morning to the Louvre, I seen this building, it is such a nice mixture of glass, steel, and art.

There before sunrise! And the line was already forming.

Looking towards the sunrise. It is actually a nice day today, no rain, but still, overcast some, but do see blue sky! It is supposed to return to rain or snow tomorrow…

I need a throne like this!

Winged Victory! It is beautiful! I wish it still had its head and arms… It would be magnificent!

The detail is unbelievable.

One of the ceiling paintings throughout the Louvre. Maybe one of the painters in the family will paint my ceiling?

Another ceiling painting. They are beautiful.

One of the ‘endless’ halls in the Louvre. Like I said, I will have to come back and do a section each day over multiple days.


Athena with shield!

There are whole sections of religious paintings.

Mona Lisa. She is smaller than other portraits, but still good sized. Problem is that you can not get close to it. Perhaps 10 – 12 feet away is closest… It’s behind glass too, so glare and reflections.

Stormtrooper and Mona Lisa…

The sizes of other paintings are gigantic!

Another ceiling!

A nice painting.

Vive La France! It is quite a large painting.

Another wall with paintings.

There is a very little area for British and American paintings. very small.

Pull my finger… I really like this painting. Though I got some reflection that was messing with my photo.

One could get lost looking at everything.


Again reflections messing with my photo.

Venus de Milo

Again, another one that I would love to see in the original with arms. It is beautiful! It amazes me how they turn a chunk of marble into this.

Lost in another section of the Louvre, A beautiful mosaic on the floor, it is huge!

These are good sized, and impressive.

No! You can’t have my Mt. Dew!

Joan of Arc listening to her voices.

Kind of reminds me of the statue of liberty.

Marie Antoinette, with her head…

FTD floral? or Mercury…

Prometheus getting his liver eaten.



Looking out one of the windows at the Louvre…

Nice dinner table.

One of the many tapestries hanging on the walls.

Kind of how I felt after walking around for hours… dead tired….

After leaving the Louvre, I headed back to where I am staying. I finished packing my box to ship home. Then took it to the post office. Talk about EXPENSIVE!!! I don’t think I have ever sent anything that expensive… But all the heavy stuff in my luggage is now on its way home. It had better get there.

After sending my package home, I headed to a cash exchange to get rid of my last bit of Egyptian Pounds. 780 Egyptian pounds got me about 35 Euros. Help to pay for the post… hahaha. I found only two places that would take Egyptian pounds in Paris… I am glad I got rid of them…

As I was walking towards the money exchange, I came across this, it was cool…

Thats it for today, it has been a long day, though it’s only evening now. One of my experiences just cancelled… that sucks, it was my chocolate tasting one!!!

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