Megiddo aka Armageddon

Zechariah 12: Yes, it’s a book in the old testament!

11 In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon.

Megiddo has quite a history. It has been destroyed and rebuilt 26 times. Its name means place of troops. It overlooks the surrounding area. And its to be part of the last battle.

I brought popcorn so I could enjoy the show, but no luck… No massive battles, no troops… Nada…

Entrance to Megiddo. It is on a hill and covers a fairly large area.

It is interesting to know that 26 layers of building took place here from thousands of years before Christ. It was a strategic place.

Looking back through the entrance.

It is now part of the national park system. They have a nice visitor center and the map they provide gives a lot of information about the place.

The stonework is very good.

On the back side of Megiddo is this wooded area. There are fields and fields that surround it now.

This area was their place of worship. The round formation was important to them. It was rebuilt multiple times.

stone box.

This was horse stalls at one time.

More stalls.

Northern palace.

It flies above the site.

A grain silo that has stairs going down it. They said it had two sets of stairs going down. It is huge.

An old archway.

On the other side there is another horse stall with troughs.

I would like to see a horse try to knock over this trough!

A horse with no name.

Need a lift to town?

When the place was under siege, they needed water. They dug down into the bedrock then tunneled to a spring, this was then camouflaged and provided the city with water when under siege. I am amazed that after 2000 years you can still walk the tunnel.

going down.

Deeper still! Why is it hot, and I smell brimstone?

The tunnel to the spring! Amazing! I think they said it was during Ahab’s reign this was built, so about 860 BC…

A model of Megiddo in the visitor center.

So much history in one spot. Wish I had a TARDIS to hop back in time!

Megiddo has been captured!

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