Sea of Galilee

A view from the patio. It’s evening now. I drove around the lake and into northern Israel.

The remains of a fishing vessel, around 2000 years old. Maybe He walked out to it?

Couple of boats that take tourists out. Do they look seaworthy?

The little beach that I finally found. Most beaches are private, have to pay for access, of course, the public beaches were closed off today because of a marathon.

Looking back towards Tiberius.

The tour ship out on the lake.

The ribs of the fishing vessel. It said it had used parts from other ships for repairs. 12 types of wood were identified. Patch it up, we have fish to catch.

208 Meters is at the top of this, so 202 Meters above sea level. They have been having a drought for a couple of years.

As I headed out of Tiberius I saw banana trees! Large orchards of these and other citrus trees.

Me warping down the highway in the Fiat 500!

I drove to a little town called Metula, it is the most northern settlement in Israel. So this is looking north into Lebanon. I think I see Cedars of Lebanon!

I then drove to the Golan Heights, to the town of Merom Golan and there is a mountain next to it, Mt Bental. 1165 Meters above sea level.

Just above the water is a destroyed town in Syria, the road above the water is the boarder.

The Syrians rebuilt the town just to the left of the destroyed one.

A view from Mt Bental into Syria.

A view looking towards the rebuilt town from the trench I was in.

Part of the trench and bunker complex on Mt Bental.

Observation point.

Iron soldiers.

Nice to know where you are at!

Another trench

Entrance into the bunker. It goes down quite a bit then there are multiple rooms that wind through through the complex. Not much lighting down there.

Enjoy your Coffee!

Local artist has a multitude of these around.

In the town itself, there were many more and much larger. Ships, Leopards, and other sculptures.

As I was driving back, there are multiple signs like this in different locations where the IDF (Israel Defense Force) practice.

Suppose to be where Christ taught the Beatitudes on the hills that overlook the Sea of Galilee. It is quite a ways up from the lake. Sermon on the Mount.

Inside the church.

Pope was here!

As I am driving back towards the Sea of Galilee from the Golan Heights along the Syrian border I see these along the road. Small areas that provide some shelter.

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine… A place where you do not want to leave the road! heaven forbid one swerves off the road into this field!

Minesweepers! Not really! but if they get out of the pasture and into the next field, they will be!

It has been a quite a day. I was able to see the Sea of Galilee, tried to walk on water and failed, so much for the faith of a mustard seed. (not really), drove to the Lebanon and Syrian borders and enjoyed the countryside. It was a wonderful day. The switchbacks down from the Golan Heights was one of the twistiest roads I have been on!

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