München Christkindlmarkt

Caught the bus/U-Bahn into Altstadt and popped up right in the Christmas Market. The area in front of the town hall is smaller than other cities, so the market is placed down three different roads. It’s more spread out but was fun to navigate the shops and see stuff. It was interesting to see they sell real Nürnberg Lebkuchen… Must import them 2 hours away?

This is the new Rathaus – town hall… well named I think!

München is a bit different as the other cities had one or two designated glasses that one buys their drinks in, and you pay a deposit on the glass, return it and you get two euros back. Here there are so many different glasses, some look like shoes, other glass steins. I do not know how many as I lost count. But I do have three different glasses now… They can keep their deposit! Found Hot Cocoa and kids punch (alcohol-free gluwein).

The Frauenkirche is behind their stand. It is a large cathedral. I got a warm punch here and walked the streets further.

Though smoking is bad, they put a lot of craft into making their pipes. I would like one, but it would be bad to blow bubbles through one…

I realized after leaving Dresden that if I see something I need to try it there, because other cities do not offer the same foods. I think Dresden had the greatest variety of meats. Oxen, beef, pork, and yes horse. I wanted to try it, but didn’t, thinking I would try it later but have not found any stands here that offer different types of meats.

Think boneless pork chop lightly seasoned and grilled, served on a nice roll with onions that still have just a little crunch to them, though they are sauteed. It made for a great dinner.

Lots of shops with lots of snacks and sweets.

I visited the Frauenkirche and sat on a pew for a while. I found this on the pew and looked through it. It was interesting as it compiles the history of the Frauenkirche, songs (no titles), explanations of the rosary, and Latin songs. So much more than just hymns. I wanted to take it with me, but… I was good. 🙂

So while I sat in the back of the church, and enjoyed it, they started a service so I sat through a Catholic service. It was interesting as there was a lot of repetition in what was being said. Though it was in German, I could follow most of it. After the beginning, the Priest and altar boys came out with candles, staffs and such. Music and sermon were presented. The organ was beautiful to listen to. It was quite different, but hearing one speak Latin with the organ was very cool to hear.

Little bit of music from the organ

I wish I had been faster to get the Latin chanting, but I missed it. Sorry for the quality, I was in the far back corner and was recording from the pew.

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