I needed to send a package home, so I stopped by a grocery store to get a couple of things. I wish I could try one of each… but I would waddle out of here. I decided to visit Innsbruck since I have not been there for many years. I stopped in Rosenheim on the way there to get the package sent, as the Post closes early on Saturday. I only grabbed a few bars of chocolate for my package, it had some empty space… and what better way to fill space than with chocolate. 🙂

The Christmas market in Innsbruck had a few things that were different. Raclette is that wheel of cheese being melted, it is then spread on one of the bread below. I went with the bauerbrot (farmers bread – a nice rye bread).

Added the Speck (smoked pork) (I Love Speck!) to my order and the side dish, think coleslaw but with a vinaigrette, slightly sour. Had a couple of sweet pickles which I normally do not like, but the contrast here was perfect. There was also a small pickled onion. It was perfect. Enjoyed this while overlooking the Inns river.

One of the many places serving Chestnuts!!

For the stormtrooper that needs a little bling! Swarovski has a shop in Altstadt so I walked through… It was kind of cool, but I would never buy… just not me, though this would be the closest if I were too… 7,490 Euros is a bit much for me…

Anyone have 11,900 Euro? this can be yours! It was very cool to see, but 11900!!!

The nativity done in crystal! It would be cool…

Need a couple of wise guys? I mean Wise men!

Your phone with Swarovski Crystal… bling bling.

I don’t remember the last time I was by Bäcker Ruetz? Many years… So I had to get something to try.

Back Off Woodchuck! This treat is mine! What I picked at the bakery. It has a filling that is like custard. It was good but so large I could not finish it. Maybe I should have shared with the woodchuck!

Bosna! Two little wurstl in a toasted bun served with curry, onions, ketchup! It was great! Though I remember the wurstl being a little spicier when I lived here. But maybe its just a fond memory? Either way, I enjoyed eating it.

The market itself was much like the other markets, with some Tirolian goods! I will add some more photos when I get my camera downloaded. All these photos are from my iPhone.

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