Game Table

Have been busy every weekend instead of gaming, we have been building the new game table.

It is 8 feet across, octagon shape. Though we are neophyte woodworkers, we have managed to design, build, modify and get it assembled.
Was worried about the table being level, so we looked for large leg leveling pads. Needless to say, no luck they were all to small, so we built our own. They are 3-inch squares with a 1/2 inch bolt welded on. Have to thank my little brother for the plate steel, he had a spare chunk, and for using his welder to tack them on. Home to the grinder to take the lethal edges off. Once the table was in, we checked to see if it was level, and no adjustments were needed!
Stained, and the first coat of polyurethane on it. It should be ready for our first game Friday night! Dungeons and Dragons! Woot!

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