Hellire/LDRS Rocket Launch

UROC (Utah Rocket Club) hosted LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 39 at Bonneville Salt Flats!

Panoramic view of the flight line. (the flight line is strait, not 90 degrees like the pano shows…
Out at one of the high power rocket pads. I was pad assist (drive golf cart and help rocketeers get their rockets ready to launch).
Looking back at the flight line from one of the high power pads.
A bottle of Jack went up too! sorry for the blur, think the phone had a little sunscreen on it…)
The ambulance for the event, came out of Mountain Home ID.
The bottles of wine were launched in a rocket, went to about 16,500 feet AGL. The people shown are the ones who launched it.
Proof that I was there! or I am great at photoshop… ? Flight line behind me.
The far side of the salt flats.


3 years ago, had some people from the Netherlands, we put up a Loc Goblin 4″. This year his friend showed up and so we put another rocket up! Was fun to see others from Amsterdam.
One of the big rockets fro LDRS 39
Drag Race!!!
My LOC Goblin 4″ fun!!

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