Hellfire 24

Getting the upper body section ready. Installing the shock cord and getting ready for the parachute to go in!

The Avionics bay opened up. Two Raven 4 altimeters with magnetic switches. On the back side is the tracker. Wires going to my pyro charges for the parachutes.

The assembled rocket! The pre-flight checklist is all done, now waiting for my turn to go place it on a pad!

These three pads are 1500 feet away from launch control.

Had helpers getting it onto the rail guide, scratched the paint just a bit. Glad someone had the longer rail set up.

Just about there! The other rocket next door is a minimum diameter rocket, which should hit 16,000 feet or so. My large rocket will hit about 6000 feet altitude!

One upright rocket! 8 inches in diameter, 12 feet tall, and 99.5 pounds!

Me working and my brother Matt posing for a photo!

Jenn, Matt’s wife, posing next to it. Glad they were both out at Hellfire for the day, as they held the rocket while sitting on the tailgate of my truck as I drove out to the pad!

Me, getting ready to install the igniter into the motor.

One of the other rockets next to mine.

Jenn helping me install the igniter up inside the motor.

Just about done!

Taping the wires of the igniter, so I don’t get a short!

The H pad neighborhood!

All set!

Will post the video tomorrow, as I was having problem with the audio part of it.

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