Aufweidersehen Berlin.

I spent a part of the day getting the last packages sent by the Deutsche Post. I should get them in about 12 days… I hope!

I took a little drive north of Berlin and just enjoyed the country side. I am tired of the city. I truly am a country kid. I love the outdoors and the quietness that it provides.

A little church I found while on my drive north this morning.

On the Rathaus was the town crest… kind of cool.

On the way home after getting everything sent, I stopped by a store to get a little bit of chocolate for the trip home and found that Kinder has all their stuff out for Easter… Glad I did not find it earlier, as it would have been very expensive… But I fly out in the morning and have no time to send another package… Might have to plan a trip next year prior to Easter… hahaha.

Well, it is the end. It has been a very long trip. I do not see taking another trip this long, I think two vacations of maybe 5 weeks each would be better. And stay in one geographical area… I am tired, need a vacation from my vacation to rest up.. haha.

No more posts until I am home, then I think will drop down to maybe once a week and just post something about my week.

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