Bergen-Belsen and Panzermuseum.

Bergen-Belsen was a concentration camp and POW camp.

Some of the memorial stones at Bergen-Belsen

Gravestone for Anne Frank.

This mound has 2500 dead.

There were multiple mounds, each containing different number of dead.

Memorial wall.

Back in Celle, this building was interesting, the carvings were very cool, and each level got bigger.

I could spend hours just looking at buildings.

Postoffice here in Bergen.

WoooHooo! Panzertruppenschule (Tank troop school) and the German tank museum!

I would like a half track too!

German World War 1 tank.

Großtraktor: Large tractor.

Ahhh, a cute little tank! Can I take it home with me?

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! (Panther tank)

Oh! A bigger kitty! Tiger Kitty!

I want one!!! Half-track motorcycle. Kettenrad!


On the right, one of my favorites! Jagdpanther (hunter panther). The one on the left is just too cute! Big gun on a little gun carriage! bwahahaha

Oh I could have some fun with this! Wonder if I could go deer, elk, moose, bear?

Oh this one too! I want it! This is a Sturmtiger (assault tiger) It has a 380mm or 14.96-inch gun! The round in front of it is a rocket-propelled round. The round could penetrate 8 feet of reinforced concrete! Knock Knock, who’s that at my door?

Attention! Tanks!

While walking through Bergen-Belsen today, I could hear tanks firing their main guns, and on occasion machinegun fire. They have a live fire range in the area.

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