Celle Germany

This morning was another flight. From Copenhagen to Hannover. Am back in Germany. Picked up the rental car. Another Fiat 500… And headed to Celle.

Celle is home to a Stud farm. It was founded in 1735! They also do horse shows.

I was able to walk around and take some pictures.

Some of their horses.

One of the arenas.

What a beautiful horse.

Walked through the stables. Though not all stalls were filled, some were, and boy was the horses beautiful.


Panoramic view of one of the stables and the track in front of it.


As I walked through Celle old city center, one of the little alleys had these on them. The frames are painted too. There is no frame…


In Altstadt I grabbed lunch. Though it does not look great… It was fantastic! On the left was pork loin in a mushroom sauce, the middle sauerkraut, and on the right beef roulade. The store put what I ordered in the little container then heat sealed it. When I got ready to eat, just peeled back the plastic film and *poof* instant lunch. 🙂

Part of Altstadt (old inner city). I love the buildings!

I found it very interesting to see the carvings in the wood. They talk of different things, but most are usually around religion.

I just crisscrossed the old streets taking pictures.

Love the woodwork!

Most were built in the 1600’s but a few were built in the 1500’s! Amazing!!!

This one talks about the 37 Psalms.

So many patterns to see in the houses. Carved in the wood.

Really like this one, the little area that sticks out a bit further than the rest. And like the colors too!

So all of the textures on this building are just painted. No alcoves, no textured bricks… just paint.

Well that is it for today. I am back in Germany until I fly home. Will visit a couple of things in the area tomorrow, then off to another location…

I am actually staying in Bergen.

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