Out of Copenhagen. I like the country side.

I made it to the Viking Museum. All of the boats are dry-docked.

It is interesting to see them out of the water, it allows one to view the hull.

Iron nails.

The museum and the rest of the fleet sitting out.

The remains of the original ships.

The bow of one of the original ships.

Cool looking ships!

Loom for making flax sails.

Loom stones

This goes on the mast, it shows who is sailing.

The rest of the fleet in dry dock.

Woodwork is fantastic.


I love the woodwork!

Roskilde cathedral! Home of the Danish royalty tombs.

None shall pass!

Nice organ!

St. Matthew

This is above the pulpit.

At the alter of the church.

One of the many wood carvings in the church. I would like to know the story of this one?

One of the tombs.

An angel to hold your bible!

Up by the alter, the wall has chairs lined there with little heads carved in them. Each a little different and well worn over the many years.

A dragon?

Saint Michael killing another dragon!

The row of chairs with the carved heads.

Angel of death?

On the end of tomb.

A carved head.

This was in the cathedral museum. The cherubs look a little evil? hourglass, skull, and evil grin.

I like the hinge on the door.

I like the door handles too!

Angels on a tomb.

Holy cow!

A little viking boat

Lunch today. It was good! Beer-braised pork with crunchy crackling. With root vegetable purée, sea buckthorn, cabbage and carrot, pickled red onions, watercress, and herb dressing.

A great hot chocolate too! rich, not to sweet. Just right!

A little street food this evening. Was very good.

Leaving Roskilde in the early morning. Fly to Hannover! Back to Germany…

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