What a day… So flying from Paris to Copenhagen, my luggage was too heavy, so I got the opportunity to pay 70 Euros for it. Since I still have multiple flights coming up, I decided to offload and ship stuff home.

Box, I need a box… An Internet search shows a storage company over a mile away, so I take off, I find a little utility store closer and find a box, tape, bubble wrap. Back to home.

Find a UPS access point… Its a kilometer away. Carry full box there only to find that they only accept, do not have scale or printer… The girl tells me of where the post office is, a mile away. I carry package part way and catch a bus for a couple stops as the box is heavy… Get to where she said, no post office… get Google maps to finally work and it shows post office another kilometer away. By this time my arms are marshmallow and my hands are cramping. Get to the store and they have a little booth for PostNord!

Package is weighed and it is approx. 38 pounds. I try to fill out the customs slip and such, my hand is cramping and shaking… hahaha.

The package is sent. Get ready to head into Copenhagen proper and my phone is at 5%… grrr. Back to the house to let it charge again… I figure my phone is old and the battery is dying more quickly…

Copenhagen! Finally!

I like the old part of the city, the brick buildings have a character that I like.

It was quite busy out this evening.

Cool looking building.

A church.

A traditional Danish hotdog. It was very good. mustard, onion, pickles, sauce, and french-fried onions. I ate it too quickly!

My little dinner this evening was a tuna fish sandwich that I picked up in town. It was super! On a dark full kernel rye bread, had a little lettuce and a sauce that had just a hint of heat to it.

The LEGO store! Oh yeah! I need a trike like this! I did not buy anything, after my fiasco with the package, I am trying to not buy anything now… hahaha.

The closest I will ever be to buying a Bugatti sports car… The real ones sell for about 1.7 million to 3 million.

A full sized trooper!

Millenium Falcon! I like it. But heck is it expensive!

The entrance to the LEGO store has this lego mural on the one side.

They have a little machine that scans your hand then tells you what character you are. I am Hans Solo! emphisis on the SOLO! hahaha.

Tomorrow I am flying to Inari Finland. Will spend three days in a little cabin. No WiFi so you will not get any updates for that time… I don’t know about cell service there either… Fly back to Copenhagen on the 16th… I hope to get some great pictures of the Northern Lights! Until then!

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