Today was a nice drive through the country side. I try to stay off interstates and major roads. It took longer to get here, but I liked the drive.

I like how these house are built and how they look.


I think I might have posted the cathedral pictures.

I visited a cheese factory, it was cool to see. I bought 3 pieces. Eating it now! mmmm

This is the one cheese I am eating, it is wrapped in a type of reed to hold its form. It is very good.

Little history in the museum.

Wheels of cheese with the reeds. Mmmm

Crypt in the cathedral…

Little gargoyle on the cathedral.

The cathedral is cool

Roasted local king scallops topped with Iberico chorizo butter in watercress velouté.

The scallops were very good. Wish there were more. The watercress was a little different, but good. Went well with the scallops.

Simmenthal Beef filet stuffed with mushrooms in Morel mushroom sauce.

AMAZING!!! The filet was fantastic, rare, the mushroom sauce was amazing. The vegetables, cauliflower, turnip, carrot, onion, and a mushroom. The little veggies were on mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes. It was a great meal!

Before the meal, they brought out a little creme brûlée, it was very good, had a little bite to it.

Le Rapiére was the restaurant that I ate at. This was a chocolate dessert with a sherbet.

Filled with a chocolate creme and jam. It was very good!

I bought this a couple of days ago, it was a chocolate mousse with a caramel layer and crisp.

Oysters. They were good, they serve them with lemon and vinegar with shallots. Butter and a slice of rye bread. It was good.

Yellow jacket protestors!!! I have seen little groups occasionally around the roundabouts… Today they were blocking traffic. I lucked out I was going the other direction. I was delayed for only a few minutes, but the other direction had a few kilometers backed up. hahaha

I am on a little back road and saw this nice bridge for the interstate.

A little semi truck up on the bridge.

I like the house architecture.

Goats! French Goats!

Ruins above a little town I was driving through.

Well I am just outside Paris, I will be packing stuff up for my flight.

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