Bayeux to Caen

Started the day visiting a couple of cemeteries.

The little town I was in, La Cambe, has a German cemetery. 21,000 soldiers are buried here.

A German soldier.

All that remains of the harbor the Allies built, are some of these foundations.

5.5inch British gun.

Part of the harbor.

America, watching over the graves.

France, also watching over the graves.

It is interesting, America has the Eagle. France, a rooster…


Row upon row…

Cathedral in Bayeux.

As I head east, the houses changed some.

Gone is the stone and brick, to wood.

Concrete fence. It is interesting.

Visited a cheese factory today in Normandy.. It was interesting to see. I got a little cheese… mmmm cheese.

2 thoughts on “Bayeux to Caen

  1. Even your pictures are very sobering of those cemeteries. Hooray for an eagle! Those German crosses look like stone You take beautiful photos. Stay safe.


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