Today I spent the day on the road. I took a very scenic drive. Started in Saint Nazaire and drove to Saint Pierre, a little town along the coast. A lighthouse Phare d’Eckmühl.

Low tide.

Panoramic view of the shoreline.

Lichen on the roof of the church.

Houses along a little road toward the shore. I like the stone houses.

Another stone house. I really like the houses along the coast.

I then continued along the coast heading north. Another house that I like.

WW1 memorial at a church.

The churches have lichen on them.

I wish I could get into some of these churches, the stained glass would be beautiful. I like the design on this one.

A briny smell in the air. I cold breeze. Overcast.

A squat toilet…

Another church, more stained glass to view.

A funny name of a town. Almost sounds like a swear word. Plogoff! bwahaha.


Beautiful homes.

I am finally in Brest this evening. Will look at the town tomorrow. It was rainy today and overcast.

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