Saint Nazaire

This huge building is a Nazi u-boot pen, a fortified structure to protect them while in the harbor. It is too much concrete and rebar to be demolished, so they turned it into a variety of things. There is a restaurant, lounge, expo area, and museum.

Top of the sub pen.

The harbor area in front of the pens, in the distance, there is ship building.

On the other side of the harbor is a single pen, it houses a sub.

Looking down from the top of the pen.

They have covered part of the pen, but you can see below.

Another pen.

They have cut out a couple of walls. I would guess it is over 8 feet thick. This building is huge!

Looking from one end of the pen to the other. Though I think the Nazis did not have pink lighting in the pens… but maybe I am wrong…

Front of the pens. The near ones are larger and could hold two subs each. 20 subs could be held here.

I think pen 6 has its original doors…

This sub pen has a sub in it. It is a museum, but it’s only open on Saturday.

Looking from one pen across the harbor to the other pens.

After leaving the sub pens, I went looking for some food, but came across some bunkers.

Door down into one of the bunkers. There is a sign that is not visible that says military site, no entry, penal code… so I did not go in… but wanted to.

next to the door is this, it is a machine gun slot. It covers the door. Maybe I need something like this…

Another bunker, with paintings.

Looking across the outcropping that shows the 3 bunkers.

Bunker is sealed off.

Coastline from the bunker area.

A little house on the cliff edge. It is beautiful.

Looking down on the rocks. A kid was sitting there.

Beach on the other side of the outcropping.

The waves were nice to see and hear. I think it was low tide.

Looking way out.

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