I wanted to go see a couple of things today, but it did not work out. I am a week early. Two of the places I wanted to visit do not open until February 9th. I will be far away by then. They have a cavalry museum and their national riding school here. Both open next Saturday… grrr… will have to plan for next time so that I get tickets to see Le Cadre Noir. So instead I went to the tank museum! ahhh…

Right Place, wrong time…

Armored Museum. My little rental car on the left.

One of the first tanks produced in WW1.

Little two man tank.

Another WW1 tank.

These trucks were used to transport V1 and V2 rockets.

Can I use this for deer hunting? I might actually hit something…

A little Panzer 1 tank.

Panzer III

Panzer IV. They are starting to increase in size and firepower.

Tiger I tank with Zimmerit coating. It was to stop antitank magnetic mines.

Panther tank with Zimmerit. Different pattern.

I need a tank.

German halftrack, engineering model. It has the bridging ramps on it.

Nebelwerfer! This would be so much fun! 15cm rocket launcher.

Nebelwerfer biggie sized! 21cm rocket launcher. Almost 5 mile range.

Hetzer! Hetzers gonna hetz…

Brummbär had a 15cm artillery cannon! It makes things go Boom!

Jagdpanther, one of my favorite tanks, or more exactly a tank destroyer. Nice pattern of Zimmerit coating.

French captured Panther tank.

Tiger II or King Tiger… Its huge! This one is actually operational. They take it out a couple times during the year. Oh, what fun would that be!

This is an 8.8cm FLAK cannon, originally designed to shoot down aircraft, it also killed tanks. The gun was modified and used in both Tiger 1 and King Tiger tanks.

Now that is a bike!

East German patrol vehicle used in Berlin.

I need to get busy with my Willys jeep.

Sherman tank!

French jeep. 4×4 I think it looks fun! It also is NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) ‘proof.’

French MBT (main battle tank). Leclerc.

I think I will have to design a rocket that looks like this. It will be cool to take to one of the rocket launches.

Cold War era tank. It has a nuke missile.

French tank. AMX-50 a cool little tank.

ARL 44 tank

The ultimate scooter! It has a recoilless rifle! Drive Offensively!

Rocket in a box!

German Jadgpanzer Kanone.

Swedish tank, it is not tall, I can look over the top of it.

Looking down the barrel of the Swedish tank. Its cool!

M41 Walker Bulldog, US tank used in Korea.

They have extras, do you think they would mind?

Outside the museum, one of the tanks.

After the museum I took a little drive.

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