La Ferrocherie

I did not want to leave this morning. I had such a wonderful time just enjoying the surrounding area, the milk cows and just relaxing. Breakfast was fantastic! Baguette, jams, honey, fresh butter, Emmentaler cheese, and pork spread that was divine!

Sunrise this morning. It is overcast and grey. There are some areas with mist which I like to see. This is the field on the back side of where I am staying.

I love the mist in the distance.

These little guys were waiting for breakfast. They get 3L of milk. Which took them just a few to drink. Slurp!

Morning view of where I stayed. It was fantastic! I am coming back here again!

Some of the fields and land around where I was. It is beautiful rolling countryside.

Post morning milking.

Deutz-Fahr tractor.

On a little rise that overlooks the farm where I stayed. La Ferrocherie! I was told that the soil has a lot of iron in it. The stones also, which give them a reddish hue. Thus the name.

This is on the little rise looking to the other side. There is a village in the lower middle of the photo in the far distance, but I had my wide angle lens on the camera so no real zoom… Just imagine its there, because it is! 🙂

None shall pass! Unless of course you just walk around it. Free-standing posts with a gate.

A little trail leading off. If the weather and ground were better, I would have liked to walk it, but the ground is very saturated with water, muddy!

See the reddish stone! Iron, Ferrous… La Ferrocherie…

Walking back to the house

The little village close to where I was. The mist behind it makes it stand out.

I really don’t like a grey sky, it is a pain to photograph. Monument to their war dead from the little village. The rooster has attitude! I like it.

Another little country road. I love the tranquility here. I find more beauty out in the country than some of the things in the Louvre. Go figure… I find little bits of heaven out in the countrysides. Peace, tranquility, stillness…

I think I need to turn my GPS on my camera on sometimes. I am not sure what little town/village I took this in… haha. But I like the gothic style.

Ground Beef! A little side road I took while driving took me past some farms and such. These cows were just chilling in the field.

Another little side road, this time with trees. It is so very green here. Even in winter…

Elixir of the gods! Last Cru Entier is whole raw milk. I am slowly enjoying it.

Well, I am in Saumur now, arrived in the afternoon, and some of the places I wanted to visit close too soon so I will visit in the morning.

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