French Countryside

I made it to the airport to get my rental car. It was a bit of a joke. Had a problem with my visa card clearing, got it fixed, got sent out to my car, which was not there. Back to the counter, they found my car. Start to leave and it only has 3/4 of a tank, got it taken care of then left Paris. Paris rush hour… oh boy! Found a little snow after leaving Paris, but when I finally got close to LaMans it was green, but rainy all day.

Little country road close to my Airbnb place.

The dairy farm where I am staying. This is their home. The building on the left was used to raise pork back in the day.

My own little barn house! It is beautiful inside!

The rolling countryside.

This is a drying building. I think they used to grow hemp and after processing it, dried it here.

Liquid Yum! Fresh milk, unpasteurized, raw, and Fantastic! It is wonderful to have milk that has flavor! I ordered a liter for tomorrow morning when I leave!

Kitchen area and dinning table of my place.

It is a great little place! I am definitely making a return trip here.

The dairy! She milks 20 cows at a time. They have 70 cows right now. It is fairly automated, it was fascinating to see.

10 cows per side, they walk in and are angled. She cleans them, wipes them down, then attaches the pump unit. Once done, it detaches itself and retracts upward. Afterward, they are sprayed down with a skin conditioner. Then released out into the barn area.


She is busy with her cows!

Waiting for dinner. Her husband was out mixing up the food.

Feed Me!

Nom Nom Nom.

I need to come here in late spring or summer. The countryside is beautiful. LaMans also has a some things I would like to visit, but guess what, they are closed today and tomorrow.

The milk they collect goes to the cheese maker who turns it into Emmental by Président.

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