Last day in Paris

As I was using the metro this morning, I noticed the wheels on the metro were actually tires. Kind of interesting.

Today I went on another experience. Started here. A butcher and chef.

Awards in the windows.

Very thin slices of this was fantastic!

Such a wide variety of items to choose from.

Bakery! A very good Bakery!

Some of their pastries. Mmmmm!

The market we visited. The cheese shop.

Wines and seafood in the back.



Goat cheeses!


Friend bread, baguette, ham.

Ham, two different terrines which were very good. One was traditional, the other with pastichios. A type of cured meat, also good flavored.

Oysters and sea snails! very tasty!

Pralines, from Fifi la pralines. Very good!

It is a great little shop!

Oh my! I wanted to try them all, but I tried only one.

Oh my! This is good! L’Aronatique, a very thin sliced meat that is fantastic.

My little batch of it. At 80 Euros a Kg.. $45.67 a pound! It is so very good!

Where I got it from.

This is my last day in Paris. I did not get to see everything I wanted to, now I have to come back… Oh, dang! hahaha…

I decided to see one more spot prior to leaving. I love the gothic architect of the buildings around here.

This was kind of cool.

It was quite beautiful inside.

I love the stained glass.

I need to make me a window like this.


The grand chapel. It is not huge, but Wow, the amount of glass! Beautiful. I wish I could get everyone out and just sit and enjoy…

These are huge.

I would like to be here on a nice sunny day, the glass would sing!



It is beautiful!

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