Meat Cheese Pastry & Monet

Today the Airbnb experience was food… We stopped here which is Stohrer bakery. It has been here for a very long time! This is the only store, they have never tried to grow larger or franchise out. It was amazing!

Tried a couple of pastries. The three in the front are kind of rich pastry, which is drenched in rum… It burned a little while trying it 🙂


The eclair was chocolate filled cream. It was also very good.


These are from a bakery that we stopped at. The ones on the left are a light pastry with raisins, it was tasty. The ones on the right are Kings cakes. It has a type of sweet curd in the middle. They were really good! They are only made in January! So I think tomorrow I will have to go again! Can’t be too careful! In the back are our baguette! By law they can not charge more than 1.10 Euros!

This used to be an outside wall of Paris in the Middle Ages. Later John the fearless lived here. Had the first indoor john. He lived in fear and was killed by a family member who took over.

Cheese! We tried a variety of cheeses.

Little round of goat cheese. It was a little strong flavored. It was very good!

A variety of cheeses, some soft, some hard, some mild, some pungent. Mmmmm.

A piece of nice blue cheese and a Camembert that has truffles in the middle, it was amazing! both were!

This street is famous! Monet painted it. Rue Montorgueil painted it.

This is made from the neck of the black pig. It was very good.

This also was very good. paper thin, and melted in your mouth!

One of the first covered streets in Paris that also had pavement.

One of the stained glass windows in the church were I was.

One of the largest organs in this church.

The glass gave the picture the rainbow color in the middle.

Monet Lilly ponds.

Trooper likes Monets!

One of the Obelisks removed from Egypt.

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