Paris & I

When I booked my Airbnb I looked for something close to the center of the city. I don’t have a car while staying in Paris, as it is kind of useless. Faster to walk or catch the Metro… Anyway, I arrived last night, got in, and when I walked out this morning it was Divine Providence of where I am staying!

This is just across the intersection from where I am staying. Why is this Divine you ask? Because it is Patrick Roger! French Chocolate Artist! Thus far I have resisted going inside and buying… must wait!! hahaha Perhaps tomorrow… I bought some of his stuff last time and it was Divine! Dark Chocolate…

Since I had nothing planned for this morning, I took a little walk about. My whole goal this morning was to find a box, tape, bubble wrap so I can get another package sent, as I am tired of carrying all the stuff from Egypt. It’s heavy.

This is near by too! Jam, jelly… I keep myself in supply since my last visit, but this is going to be Nirvana! Mmmmm. Chestnut Honey… mmmm

La Fromagerie! can you say Cheese! or is it Cheeeeeses! Just walking by the smells of cheese was in the air!

Almost there!

The Louvre! I will visit it Monday. Was just surprised on how close I really am to it.

Art Nouveau!

I am going to have to find me something in Nouveau!

Overcast, cool, occasional sprinkles. That was todays weather. Me walking across the Seine river.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Quasimodo was not in, but his gargoyle’s were!

Wonder what this place serves? I might have to go find out…

Mmmm L’escargot!

So this afternoon I went to my Airbnb experience. To create my own fragrance. It was a lot of fun. Learned about some of the history, the costs, and the basics of what goes into making perfume or fragrance.

Justine is on the right, she hosted the experience in her store. This was the little group of us that made our stuff. It was interesting to see what everyone liked and didn’t like in their fragrance.

That was today in a nutshell. I am going to go find something to eat now! French fries maybe? French onion soup? French Dip? nah, am going to go find something wonderful!!!

4 thoughts on “Paris & I

  1. Happy I don’t see you in the middle of a riot! Eat something divine and then go for the gold—chocolate! Be safe.


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