Last day in Cairo

My time in Egypt is coming to an end. I fly out in the morning. Today I walked along the Nile. Walked by the British Embassy and seen the road leading to the American Embassy, but it has roadblocks guarded by Egyptian police. I visited the Egyptian museum again, since having traveled from Cairo south to Abu Simbel it made more sense.

A copy of the Rosette stone. It made it possible to read ancient Egyptian.

I think modern coffins are boring. Think about it. You can have your history or whatever put in stone. It will identify you. I think that is kind of cool. Plus the workmanship that goes into one of these is amazing!

I like the imagery of this, and to think that the colors are still there after millennia is amazing. Will modern paints like Sherwood Williams be there in 4000 years? I think not!

70 pieces of Ivory carved into different things. It is amazing!

Ivory scorpion! I didn’t know the Egyptians had whaling ships?… =)

Lion game pieces.

Nice staff!


Last time I was here I took a picture of this but it was not complete. This is the bottom of a sarcophagus, I have also rotated it 90 degrees so she is upright. Her dress has the stars on it, which I saw on the ceilings in the tombs.

I am not sure what this servant is supposed to be doing? Bad hair day for the Pharaoh?

I like the engravings on this capstone.

I noticed a lot of Anubis, the jackal headed god.

A crypt for your sarcophagus! Again much better than the concrete ones they make now… boring… This tells a story! red/black granite, it is beautiful!

They are building a new Egyptian Museum. It is supposed to open this year I think??? As you can see the walls behind this, the artifacts need a new home. One without glare from glass.

A much better crypt!

This cobra with wings could be replaced with the western rattler for your crypt?

A lonely sentinel from an age gone by.

There are whole areas that are just filled with crates like this. No room to display it all, and it will be moved to the new museum.

The key of life in his hand.

Alabaster. I think this with a nice light source in the base would light it up nicely.

Not sure their purpose, but I could use them as an ottoman…

I noticed a lot more false doors this time around the museum.

Notice the sign at the top? I am amazed at how many people touch the statues and such. This statue had a family place their toddler on the lap and took a bunch of pictures. It amazes me how people just do things for the picture. I guess I was raised differently. To respect the rules and to know that these are priceless artifacts, so treat them as such. Thanks mom&dad.

Nice hat!

close up of one of the statues. I like the yellow background behind it.

The bearded sphinx. It is small, perhaps its a Dwarven Sphinx? Where is it hiding the battleax?

King Tut. With his crook and flail.

I love the colors and patterns. Nile lotus, birds, plants.

Nice spice jars! Wonder if they have a cup of sugar I could borrow?

I love the detail in these. I am amazed at how they were able to make them.

The necklaces made with the Ankh symbol is beautiful. Wish more of it has survived. I like the colors in it too.

Its beautiful, and the vulture is cool looking too!

The detail in the handle is intricate and beautiful.

Sir Hiss! The original…


The crown comes with rabbit ears so you can get good TV reception!

It amazes me how much detail they can get into an item.

Someones pet falcon got to go with them into the afterlife! The obsidian eyes still look alive.

The detail in the items that make this necklace up are fantastic! It is beautiful. To bad its behind glass and getting reflections…

Nice bracelet!

The inlay is beautiful.

Gold boat!

Another large necklace.

More gold jewelry.

Bes, the Egyptian god of beer making. Along with other responsibilities. He is the only god that you get a facial view when on walls. Every other god is a profile.

The tall one here is less than two inches tall. I would say inch and a half. There were tons of little figures like these of the different gods.


Giant necklace of gold.

More little figures, falcons. Horus!

Alabaster vase.

No its not a hot tub… It’s a container for the canopic jars.

Canopic jars.


Looking down from the 2nd floor.

Stare into its eyes… almost hypnotizing..

I did find some gold masks, but King Tut’s that room is no photography so no pictures… bummer because it is a masterpiece!

Reminds me of a Maneki-neko cat! It just needs that paw to wave!

Again, the detail in her dress and such is amazing.


There are some mummies that have the face painted on them. This one is called the golden girl.

Sam I am, I will not eat Green Beef and ham! I am not sure why green?

Osiris and his curved beard. He is allowed to be green. Go figure!

That is enough for today, lot more pictures than usual.

2 thoughts on “Last day in Cairo

    1. 🙂 Thanks! I take so many, but only process the ones you see, as I just do not have enough time to process and post more. Have to convert to lower jpg sizes and quality. I try to spend an hour in the evening to get it done. It usually takes longer…


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