After visiting Abu Simbel, I took a walk in the afternoon into town. Abu Simbel has a population of about 2600 so says the census. Think Monticello, UT. It did not take long to walk up the main road, look at the shops and turn around and do it again on the other side of the road.

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped and enjoyed a green apple soft drink as that I found in town.

It tasted like green apple, not bad, lightly carbonated.

While I sat there enjoying it on a very warm day, it was 78 degrees F. I was dying… hahaha. This came into view.

A ferry!

It was carrying three semi trucks. I wonder if it has a ballast that it can move around so that it says close to level? It moved into shore with the guy on the ramp, I guess his job is to say we are there? Once it was on location it just dropped the ramps.

The semi trucks back off the ferry. Just a little farther to the left of the picture, turn somewhat then are pointed at the road into town. The back of the ferry dipped way down in the water as the semi left. Wonder if they have ever sunk a ferry at the dock?

The empty ferry waited for about 15 minutes, then took off.

Todays airplane ride was sponsored by Mango drink. So today I woke up early and got my shuttle to the airport. The flight from Abu Simbel to Aswan takes about 30 minutes, just enough time for the flight crew to give out drinks! Mango to rule them all! This stuff is good!!!

The flight from Aswan to Cairo is about an hour and a half. They had no Mango, so I had an apple drink and they serve cookies too! A well-balanced breakfast.

After getting into Cairo and getting a ride into the center of Cairo, finding my Airbnb, I walked to the Coptic Museum.

So, on more than one occasion, I have pulled out my camera and someone from the group of Egyptians moves into my photo… If you look to the lower right behind the palm there are two Egyptians, the third moved into my photo, so I cut him out with Photoshop! So, it was a quick edit, so if you look hard, you can see where he was… think wheres Waldo?… Where was he? Teach him to try to photobomb my shot.

This was amazing. It is a little dirty on the outside, but the detail and patterns used are amazing! So why were the windows this way? It allowed the female to view outward, but not be seen from others. Kind of like a ancient one way mirror.

I would have liked to see the whole Coptic statue, not just this remains. I kind of like how they present their faces in their work.

A stone beam. The detail they put into their carvings is amazing. Master stonesmiths.

The museum itself has some amazing woodwork. This is one of the beams on the wall going up to the ceiling.

Bring me more grapes!

Is it a chicken?

Top of a pillar, the detail is amazing. The stone lattice is 3D, see the light behind the lattice?

Very simple, but I like it.

Nice leaf pattern

This one looks like it is in the wind. I really like it. Feel like it’s swaying in the wind.

This is good sized, maybe 8 feet across? I like the design. Someone needs to make me a quilt with this design!!

Close up of the design. I will probably have to make the quilt myself…

This would be nice in a quilt too! (hint hint) hahahaha

This one too. Okay for those with OCD, if I straiten the Frame the picture is off, if I straiten the picture, the frame is off. fix it!

One of the little alcoves I looked at.

Here is some nice designs. Use it in your tole painting mom!

The angels faces are like ‘neener neener’ we have the best job!

One section of the ceiling! Love the woodwork.

The next section of ceiling. amazing!

What! No power tools? This is done by hand…

I do love good stained glass.

The lights below the stained glass are from the sun on the other side of the tower. I like how you can see the images on the white.

Coptic letters in the lower lighted area. Sneaky!

subliminal coptic messages.

There are multiple stones in this story, but I like this one, look at the moms face with her 3 babies. hahaha. It has not changed in the Ages.


This looks a little goofy, I had to walk around to get my photo so no glare on the glass, This is a bible.

Small enough to put in your pocket.

Messages in Arabic now!

Anyone have a fig newton?

My scepter is bigger than yours!

More stained glass. Beautiful!

Greek or Coptic text with Arabic beside it. I think this was another bible.

Beautiful book!

The key in front is about a foot long! These keys are huge! Doubles as a mace in times of trouble.

Cute little cooking pot.

Need something like these for my Frankincense and Myrrh.

Nice locker, it is good sized, and had hoped the carvings would have shown better.

St Michael the Archangel!

Well, I am not sure what I am doing tomorrow, it’s my last day in Egypt. Friday early flight to Paris!

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