Abu Simbel Temples

Late afternoon yesterday I walked to the area of the temples but did not enter as I wanted to wait for better lighting. This is looking out over the lake.

The lake is quite large.

As I walked to Abu Simbel Temples, it was before light, Some stars still visible, with the light coming from the East. It was quite beautiful out.

I love watching the colors change from darkness to dark purples, dark blues, to dark oranges, reds, yellows. It was quite peaceful watching this. There were actually quite a few people out this morning at the Temple.

Welcome to the Temples of Abu Simbel. Rameses II. It is still dark enough they have the lights on. With the people at the base of their feet, you can get an idea of just how large these statues are.

Inside the temple, the statues line the corridor, on one side he wears the crown for the upper kingdom, on the other side, the lower kingdom crown is worn.

The walls are lined with pictures. I guess the king is giving offerings to the Gods.


The inner sanctum.

One of the walls. They carry a boat.

Before the sun rises.

So much for trying to photobomb this, Trooper.

The smaller temple complex.

Is it a selfie when you have someone else take it? These two were posing with the large temple in their background, taking backside photos. They would take some then review, take some more. “do these jeans make my bottom big?” nope, the jelly-filled donuts do… Strike a new pose!

As I was trying to take photos of the smaller temple a group showed up and each ran up by the entrance and took their pose, the others taking their photo, they must have done it 8 to 10 times as I waited for them to move out of the way so I could continue, but they just made others wait to get their photos…

Full moon.

The smaller temple.

Trooper selfie.

Inside the smaller temple.

Lotus flowers, a boat, and a Goddess.

This one in color!

Need this above my doorway.


Maat on the left. Thoth is on the right. The feather of truth on her head.

Graffiti from 1859. Problem is this can’t be washed off.

Panoramic view of both temples. Their new location. These temples were moved years ago. Follow the link to read more about their relocation to this spot. The back side of the temples is dirt filled mountain that supports and protects the temple structures.

Full moon setting.

Today it is 78 degrees F. or 26 C. here in Abu Simbel. I am actually taking a break for a few to hide inside as it’s too warm out there. =D hahaha. Some flowers are still in blossom.


The daylight is breaking.

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