Abu Simbel

It has been a day. Woke up early, packed for my flight to Abu Simbel. Boat ride off the island and then a taxi to the airport where I was told to wait, 45 minutes later I was allowed to move through security. To the counter which told me to go to another area, which sent me back, the counter was then empty. Waited for a little while then checked my luggage and got my boarding pass. Through another security which made me unpack everything while they x-rayed it. They could not identify something in my luggage so I finally found it, the base to my GPS for driving has some lead shot weight to it. Finally made it to the gate with time to spare. Of course, the plane was over an hour late. Finally made it onboard the plane for the flight, which was short. Taxi to the hotel and he wants 300 pounds… finally after haggling get it down to 200, about 12 dollars for a short ride from the airport… I am so tired of the way they do business here. They start so very high it’s ridiculous. haggle haggle haggle to get it down. I truly hate it. If they were at least reasonable in their first offer… but no one is.

Abu Simbel opens early in the morning so I will walk down the street to it, then perhaps to the other side of town to see what I can find. The town here is very small and has lots of empty buildings. I think tourism is down and has affected this area a lot.

Well I am off to have dinner then kick back for the evening. Pictures tomorrow. The internet here is a bit slow I think.

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