Photos from my phone

I try to use my camera for the pictures, but at times I just grab my phone and take a quick shot.

So here you can figure out your name in ancient Egyptian. And the meaning of it. so Michael is wise, punctual, handsome, powerful, fair, controlling… Not sure if I got all that…

a bakery that I passed by today. it was interesting to walk the market street today. I just wandered around, but everyone tries to push their wares on you. It gets old… If I could window shop without being pestered I might look, but once you show interest they badger you…

Egyptian bedbug! Not really, a little scarab I picked up earlier.

The bedbug has met another.

A snapshot from the boat before breakfast on the day I departed.

Where we had breakfast every morning. Fresh orange juice, crepes, a light soft cheese, and orange marmalade that was killer! guava jam, and strawberry jam, crisp toast, and eggs however you like them. Mint tea, or coffee for those that drank it, either French or Turkish style. It was great!

A butcher in Aswan market area.

Another butcher. The chopping blocks are tree trunks with legs attached.

Dessert after one of our meals on the boat. A fresh date, which was very good, I could make myself sick on them… give me a large bag! guava that is cut into slices. some pick the seeds out as they are very hard, but small, I just ate them. And a small banana that is local. It was interesting to see bananas attached to the large trunk they come on.

I found myself a new drink! Doum. “Doom”. It is from the Doum palm, a very hard fruit that is ground into a powder and mixed. This has milk added, makes it a bit creamy… Dreamy… I don’t know how to explain its taste, but I really liked it. I have been looking for doum powder so I can make it at home…

I don’t remember if I posted this one, it is fried eggplant, probably the best I have had. light, very mild flavor. I could have just eaten a plate of them.

My room onboard the boat. I came back to my room to find an Elephant had taken over. Best part they used my glasses I had left in the room.

So to eat a fresh date, you bite off the end towards you, spit it out, squeeze the date and the skin slips right off, toss it in your mouth and enjoy. spit out the seed. Repeat!

veggie stand in Aswan. I did find some veggies that I don’t know.

Where I am staying they grow their own hibiscus so I tried it. Super!!! They did not over sugar it, so it has a mild tang to it and great flavor. I think I will have another!

Hibiscus on the ship, it is lighter in color, still very good. mmmm.

A snapshot of the market I walked through today. They sell pretty much anything one needs. A very wide variety of shops, food stalls, coffee shops, and restaurants.

First night on the boat we had Nile Perch. It was very light in flavor and cooked just right. The people enjoyed it so much they requested it for another meal. We could have it this way or already filleted. The next time we had it it was all served filleted, so no one had to skin it or watch for bones. I have not eaten that much fish in one sitting in a long time!

The Papyrus plant. Its stem is triangle in shape, they cut the green off, slice it thin, and roll it to get the moisture out.

It was interesting to see, once they roll it out it starts to change. In stem form, it breaks easily, but after rolling, it is pliable, strong and does not break. They weave it in this pattern and put another piece of felt on it, then toss it in a press for a week or so.

Come sail away with me!

This is a sesame sauce, it is not strong flavored, very mild in fact. It has some other herbs in it. Dipping sauce for bread, fish, anything…

Same sauce after a week with us onboard.

Sugarcane Train! In Luxor, there are narrow gauge tracks around. I looked for a train, but never seen one, then saw this as I was headed back into town. Never got to see the engine… Next time.

Sunset on the boat.

Another day, another sunset!

Koshari, it is a mix of noodles, rice, a tomato meat sauce that is not overly spicy but very tasty!!! I need to find this recipe for it! I had this while out on one of the Airbnb experiences.

I am not sure of the name, but this is a meat sandwich. It had some onion, and green pepper I think, and a wonderful sauce. The sandwich was out of this world! I will find the name I hope and later find a recipe!

In Luxor I saw the new Titanic! I waited for the next one. hahaha.

Even the trooper enjoyed the sun on the cruise down the Nile. I think he even got a little tan!

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