Giza and other places

This is a small flashback as I have an okay internet connection. Will post some photos from earlier when I was in Giza and not able to post any photos on those days.

I did not see any photos in my library about Giza when I was looking, so here they are.

The Pyramids are huge. I find it interesting that the giant one is for the King, the others his wives, mother.

It was a nice day to be out there. I am out on a camel taking a few photos.

Camel… Had to laugh, one of the guys on the boat asked a local what the Arabic word for a camel was… He answered camel.

That evening as I watched the sun set, a couple flocks of birds appeared.

No photography within the pyramid. This is the closest you get. This is the new entrance. From here you go up a ramp/stairs while leaned over as it is to low to stand up. It is quite steep, then once into the grand chamber, you can stand up, then up a small staircase bend down again and a little further you are in the kings’ tomb. Compared to the tombs in the valley of the kings there is not much to see in here. It is a lot warmer in the pyramid. To exit I went backwards as it was easier. Though those coming up got bummed! Not really you stop and just let them by.

Above the people is the actual entrance, but it is not used.

You can see the size of the stones. The pyramid is huge!

Large stone blocks.

The wives and mother pyramids.

Horseback riders out to see a panoramic of the area.

Slaughtering of an animal, they cut along the left arm so it bleeds out faster.

Offerings. the funny symbol above the offering equals 1000. looks like packman on a pogo stick.

still amazed it has such color.

top they are making whiskey, middle making whoopee, bottom, various animals.

captured lions

Lotus and such.

False door. This allowed the Pharaoh to have his spirit leave and return.

If I remember this is Imhotep coffin.

A beautiful collection of figures in Imhotep’s museum.

Alabaster wares. They are beautiful!

Cheese! A little dried out, past its expiration date. But Cheese! Mmmm

Ushabti: servants or minions for the deceased. You get to take your maid and butler with you!

Mummified scarab! Wonder if it has its own canopic jars?

A couple of cartouches



Rameses the large!

This is actually the first pyramid I visited. A step pyramid outside of Giza in a place called Saqqara, this is Djoser pyramid.

Entrance into Saqqara complex. It had 14 entrances if I remember but only this one actually took you in.

How do you get a granite sarcophagus into a crypt in the bottom of the pyramid? You dig a large hole! In fact, you dig two and connect them. Fill the one with sand and put the sarcophagus on top. open the connecting tunnel and it will slowly fill with sand from the other, which slowly lowers the granite sarcophagus down.

The tomb room in one of the pyramids in Saqqara. The ceiling has stars on it. Some tombs had dark blue and gold stars.

Better view of the ceiling.

Interesting in that it is writing on the walls and a relief of a person when a light is shown on it on an angle. Hidden otherwise.


The detail after millennia is amazing.

Another fake door for the spirit to travel by.

Anubis and cobras protecting something.

Amazing color and shows what is important to them. Whiskey?

Don’t walk like an Egyptian, Dance like one instead!!!

Well I have caught up on one more day. It has been a good day, I have eaten Nubian food for the first time. It was good. Way to much food for me.

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