I am on elephantine island, which is part of Aswan. I walked to one end of the island which has some old ruins there. This is the well, which is dry now.

As I was walking towards the museum, I saw this large stone with its writing. The museum was nice but had a no photography policy. So no pictures. It had a little variety of item that was found at the site.

I was told this is love, the papyrus and the lotus tied together and meeting. The middle is the Nile river.

Looking out over the ruins of this part of the island. The buildings are made out of mud brick. With the temples made out of sandstone.

It’s Greek to me.

One of the Nilometer on the island. It measures how high the river is. Taxes were based on how high the Nile was. Higher Nile, higher taxes. As it would mean better farming and such. Left side is the tunnel to the Nile, it floods the pool.

It’s hard to make out the marks here, but this was how they measured the Nile.

The building on the left is the Old Cataract Hotel, where Agatha Christie wrote part of Death on the Nile. It is a five-star hotel. If you want to stay a night in her room or the Winston Churchill room, it will only put you back about 8700.00 a night. The cheap rooms are about 270.00 What a steal!

Instead I am staying on elephantine island, with this as my view.

Looking down at the boats

Pano view from the top of where I am staying. The island out there is a botanical collection from all over. Perhaps next time I travel I will visit it. There are too many things one could go and try to do, but I just don’t feel like rushing around. I am relaxing.

A boat out on the Nile.

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