Aswan continued…

Today I did not have big plans. Walk to the unfinished obelisk, find the street market. Aswan has a lot to see, but I just want to relax and not stress. I think I have decided to make another trip here in the future, ride the boat again and see some other sites around Aswan. There is more history here than I could ever see or study.

This photo is of an islamic graveyard. I walked down to it and around it, it was interesting to see, but taking photos up close did not sound like a great idea… What is this common sense doing here?

Aswan has granite, a reddish granite that is quite beautiful. The ancient Egyptians used it for some of their sculptures. This Obelisk was to be the largest, it is 137 feet approx. It is 1200 tons. It cracked when being formed and was abandoned. Queen Hatshepsut ordered it but never finished.

The thing is Massive!

I hope the people in the picture give you a size reference.

As I walked around the quarry, noticed another spot where something large had been removed, and this was chiseled into the wall.

As I walked the streets of Aswan today, I came across a spice house and the name just kind of caught my attention.

Well, this one is a little shorter than the other posts, but like I said, I am relaxing today. I have caught up with my photos on the camera and the iPhone, so I just have to pack this evening so I can fly to Abu Simbel in the morning. Until later!

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