Sugar Cane & Temple

Woke up a little early to go see how they harvest sugarcane.

Do you know what this is? Its a flower!

A flower off a banana tree. The bananas are a little smaller, but good flavored. Not these ones as they are green, green, green!

Its sunrise, and looking down a little road while heading to the sugarcane.


Camel with pack saddle.

Camel-flage! Camel just sitting down and buried in sugarcane.

You can’t see me!

Prior to strapping all the sugarcane down. They put large piles to both sides then lift one side up and tie it down, then the other side. Then get the camel up and walk it down to the shore.

Just chillin here with my bird.

Strapped down sugarcane heading towards the shore.

The camels drop their sugarcane down here in rows, then the workers carry it up palm planks onto the barge and toss it in the bins.

An old boat left on the shore.

Train that came by while we were heading to see some tombs. Could not take any photos in the tombs…

At the temple of Horus.

Temple of Horus. It was quite fascinating to see this temple.

Sunset on the Nile.

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