Esna and the Nile

I am on the Nile right now. It has been quite nice to just relax a little and sit on the deck and enjoy floating along. Yesterday we had the sail up, today there was no wind so the tug pulled us along.

This is Esna Temple, it was buried up to where you can see behind it. The ceiling is covered in smoke, as they used the very top as shelter and cooked and had fires in. They moved everyone out of the area and have dug down to here.

Behind they are still excavating and doing archeology. They think they just found another opening into another chamber while I was walking around.

The dig behind the temple.

Looking up towards the ceiling in one corner of the hall.

Looking up in the hall. They are slowly restoring it, removing the soot. and getting some of the colors back.

Looking into the temple.

As we walked the little streets near Esna temple, a door opened and this little guy was put out. It was so cute, I petted it for a minute then continued on.

A family making their bread for the week. They are letting it raise, Stone tablets the bread is placed on. They will take it to their oven after raising.

This place is where the caravans used to stop. Inside was an open area to do their business, outside the camels were kept. It is being restored now by a variety of governments working together.

This is a very old press that is used to make sesame oil. To the bottom left the round woven basket was filled with sesame then placed in a stack in the center bottom and the press cranked down to squeeze the oil out, which was collected in the center bottom.

On the sailboat. Just the beginning of the trip.

The front sail.

In the evening of the first day, we stopped at this little village and met some people. It is quite interesting as we do little walks and tours into the historical sites and to meet everyday people. This family has a few kids, this being the youngest. The other two daughters are in school, the one being in first place in the school.

I will try and get some more photos and such up, but the internet on the boat is a little better than earlier, but not my fiber modem!

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